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The Team

Photo of Prashan Paramanathan
Prashan Paramanathan

Prashan dreams about a world where the smartest kids in school choose to join non-profits and social enterprises instead of management consulting and law firms. He tried being a management consultant for a while, but ran off to start micro finance banks with the World Bank Group for rural farmers in China before living and breathing the Australian non-profit sector for the last four years.

Photo of Jennie Smith
Jennie Smith
Head of International Growth

After spending a number of years working in the corporate world, Jennie took a leap of faith and left her marketing job to launch her own business and test out her entrepreneurial skills. After successfully establishing an eco friendly fashion label with stockists around the world, she took the next step in her career by joining Etsy, as one of its first Australian employees. While at Etsy, Jennie developed a passion for supporting female entrepreneurs and learned first hand about the incredible power of community. Now Jennie is joining Chuffed to help propel their growth internationally and support campaigners from all over the globe to make a difference to the causes they are passionate about.

Photo of Charlotte Owen
Charlotte Owen
Marketing Manager

Charlotte loves to envision the many ways our world can be better cared for. She started out at Uprise, a digital mental health start-up, while still at University and immediately loved the fast-paced and impactful work she could contribute to and learn from. Her passion for social impact is constantly evolving and right now she is exploring the intersections between mental health, Indigenous wisdom and culture, and sustainability and waste management. Charlotte has joined the team at Chuffed to amplify the voices and impact of our many amazing campaigners. In her spare time, you’ll find her in the bush, meditating, dancing or reading.

Photo of Richard Masefield
Richard Masefield
Senior Engineer

Rich built his first PC at age 7 and has been thriving in the tech, design and software space ever since. He's worked the corporate slog in Hong Kong, trekked the advertising space in Cape Town and given his all to real estate software here in Australia. Not only is Rich passionate about creating the next digital solution, he's passionate about people and putting his skills to use where they're most needed. When he's not thinking about cleaner code he can be found in the ocean, drinking coffee or trying out a new beard comb.

Photo of Bre Smith
Bre Smith
Customer Service Specialist

If there's one thing you should know about Bre, it's her unwavering passion for social justice. Whether protesting in the streets, rallying support through crowdfunding, or dedicating nine years to the community services and mental health sector, she's all about making a difference where it matters most. Now, as a Customer Service Specialist at, she's thrilled to blend her knack for empathy with her love for innovative solutions. You'll often find her delving into the world of creative arts, exploring how they can be harnessed therapeutically to fuel social activism, boost community well-being, and nurture personal growth.

Photo of Sean Meakin
Sean Meakin
Senior Engineer

Sean has always had a passion for programming and development, having made his first website when he was just 11 years old. He is passionate about innovation and using technology to make a positive impact to the lives of others, and tries to make a difference, support social causes, and show empathy, care, and compassion wherever he can. Coming from the healthcare sector, he is excited for the opportunity to work with to help make the world a better place. When he isn't coding, you can often find Sean hiking a new trail, reading the latest Sci-Fi novel, playing the latest games, or watching Formula 1.