Peer to Peer Fundraising

Set up your event

Video and images
Make it yours by uploading images and embedding videos from Youtube and Vimeo.
Time limited or infinite length campaigns
We give you the flexibility to run shorter campaigns or longer ones.
Branded email receipts
Change the branding on your donor receipts. Add your logo and colors.
Customizable questions
Ask donors your own custom questions. Collect phone numbers, addresses and more.
Perks and impact levels
Reward donors with something in return. Tell donors the difference they're making.
Customizable donation box
Steer potential donors to certain donation amounts.
One-time or regular giving
Give donors the option of donating to your campaign every week, month or year.

Create Fundraiser Pages & Teams

Individual fundraiser pages
Give your supporters their own customizable page and target. All funds donated go straight to you.
Team pages
Groups of fundraisers can raise funds together on a team page.
Add some friendly competition and incentives by turning on team and fundraiser leaderboards.
User permission controls
Invite fundraisers to edit pages you've created for them. Give your team administrators access to edit all fundraisers.
Admin or guest setup paths
Setup fundraisers yourself and keep branding control or let visitors create pages that you can edit and change

Accept donations worldwide

Accept donations worldwide
We accept donations from over 150 countries and support 11 currencies.
Fast donation transfer
Receive bank transfers via our payment partner immediately, in 2 or 7 day rolling cycles.
Tax deductible receipting
We offer tax deductible receipting in Australia, UK, US and Canada.
Gift Aid (UK)
For charities in the UK, we can collect Gift Aid Declarations for you.
Fee-free offline donations
You can add any money you receive outside the campaign to your total.
Mobile device payments
Accept donations via Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay.

Manage your supporters

Message donors
Keep your donors updated by messaging directly from
Real-time analytics
You get real-time data on exactly how many people have visited your page and exactly where they've come from.
Custom email journeys
Control what emails go out to your donors, fundraisers and administrators when certain events happen.
Real-time, downloadable donor data
View and download your donor data as a CSV file in real-time at any time.
Fundraiser data
Download fundraiser data as a CSV file at any time


Google Analytics
Track your visitors in real-time in your own Google Analytics account.
Facebook Pixel
Find out exactly which of your Facebook Ads are converting to donations and get donation amounts in your Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.
Hassle free importing of your donor data straight into Salesforce. Designed for the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack.
All your donor data straight into your Mailchimp list - with merge field data for tailored emails. Perfect for Mailchimp Automation.
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Optional contribution model

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