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To put things into perspective...

Do you feel more confident when you're clean and well groomed?  Do you feel relaxed and refreshed after a hot shower? Are you lucky enough to bathe whenever you feel like it?

Our houseless neighbors would also like to enjoy being clean, but there is a lack of places for them to achieve this.  Shelters are few and far between and are often not safe, especially for women.  Without being clean and presentable it's unlikely that a person will be able to get a job and improve their situation.

That's where The Power of a Shower comes in!  

The Power of a Shower focuses on providing our houseless neighbors or those in need of access, to a bathroom with toilets and showers and a place to put on some clean clothes.  Donated and retired commercial vehicles and trailers will be transformed into mobile bathrooms and driven to encampments, near other service providers or in open spaces like parks and the beaches.  Our goal would be to work with local city agencies and the state to eventually have a fleet that could go into different counties throughout Southern California. 

The end game is providing these individuals with a sense of humanity, dignity and hygiene along with complimentary services like counseling, access to medical clinics, and an address for job hunting and eventually have them off the streets, healthy and back on their feet again.

You can be a part of the solution! 

While we can provide showers for between 35-50 people for just $500, first we need to buy and retrofit a trailer, purchase a truck to pull it, and fill it with things like soap and towels.  This is a big and expensive undertaking, but with people like you on our side, we know that hot showers will be available very soon.

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