Help Bessie the cow and her friends get through winter

By Tamsin Dean Einspruch

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Saved from homelessness and death

Set on sprawling acreage in the southern tablelands of NSW, the Deep Peace Farm Sanctuary offers peaceful refuge for an abundance of wildlife and 460 domestic animals, who, like Bessie, were saved from homelessness and certain death, and will live out their lives in their natural social and family systems.

We are animal-loving writers Billie Dean and Andrew Einspruch. We founded the sanctuary 20 years ago and it’s part of the wider work of our not-for-profit charity, the Deep Peace Trust, which advocates for a more peaceful world for all.

Under threat from the long drought

Today, urgent help is needed to help secure the hay needed to feed animals like Bessie and her calf, Blessed.

We’ve been fully drought-feeding the animals for over a year through our own personal contributions. And now we are carting water as well. During the winter, we even help the wild wombats with oaten hay.

But now, hay is getting scarce and everything is going up in price. Our winters here are bitter and long, and without their normal, natural grazing, the animals will not thrive.

We need extra food to keep the animals warm, happy and healthy.

We believe that by supporting a sanctuary, you make a statement that you want a kinder, benevolent world where animals are respected for the unique beings they are.

Support a cow or sheep

Can you support a cow or sheep today?

We're looking to raise $45,000 to cover us for the next few months. We know it sounds a lot, but our winters are difficult here and we need the dollars to secure large truckloads of hay.


  • Show you care: $5 or $10.
  • Buy a small bale of lucerne hay: $22
  • Buy a bag of hard feed: $26
  • Buy a large bale of oaten hay: $190
  • Buy a large bale of lucerne hay: $260
  • Buy a trailer load of hard feed for the cows and sheep: $875
  • Buy a truckload of lucerne: $13,000

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Tamsin Dean Einspruch