Run for our Planet !

By Gordon

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Hi there!

My name is Gordon and I have decided to challenge myself to run the 20km of Lausanne to support My Green Trip.

This association aims to create a community of green traveler and tourism organizations. Its business model is based on the distribution of eco-friendly cleaning kits to ambassadors who are passionate of travel and nature – like me – to pick up trash in the places they visit all over the globe.

The objective of this crowdfunding campaign is to fundraise CHF 5,000 to finance the 1,000 first cleaning kits and develop a community in Switzerland. To show my support, I’ve decided to do some sport ;) and fundraise CHF 300 through this personal crowdfunding page.

If you would like to support me and join this amazing community of nature lovers to fight altogether against trash, read the following text and make a donation on this page to help me reach my objective!

*** As a bonus : if I reach my financing objective for the campaign, I’m going to run the 20km with a belt of trash around my waist – I guess this is now an even better reason for you to support me :) ***

My profile :

Name: Gordon

Me in a few words: 37. Full time father

My passions: Snowboarding. Baking bread. Climbing trees

My best travel memory: Snorkelling with whale sharks, diving with manta rays and turtles.

My next destination : Peisey Vallandry.

Why do I support My Green Trip: I am running to show my support the project and to help raise awareness for my green trip.

My objective for the race : I do not have a goal time but I normally run 20kms in 2hr 15mins or so, whilst pushing a stroller with Oliver in. A lot depends on him though. If he cries or needs something then we stop for as long as is needed. So times are not important to me.

Pourquoi me soutenir dans cette démarche: They should sponsor me to show support for young stay at home dads trying to keep fit and to maintain sanity.

***Pour en savoir plus sur la campagne de financement de My Green Trip, cliquez ici :

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