Community Leader: Angela

By Team

15th September '17

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am  a soon-to-be graduate from the diploma of Business and Social Enterprise. In my final year, I was working on an internship in Kenya. Whilst there, I met many locals and discovered issues such as compromising hygiene due to the lack of access to resources, that are not as predominant as it is here in Singapore.

Upon discovering the issue about lack of sanitary pads, I decided to meet the immediate need of school-going girls first. Purchasing those pads became a huge factor in considering to drop the project due to financial pinch.

When I decided to try out crowdfunding, I discovered the ease of it being able to reach out to the people who are passionate about your cause, without having them to physically drop their help into a coin-box. I was able to surpass the goal she set before the campaign even closed.

With that vast support and guidance I gained from many around, I hope to share the knowledge with new aspiring ones in Singapore.

Why did you decide to become a Community Leader?

I wanted to meet more like-minded people to bounce solutions around and put in small efforts to create changes like a ripple effect.

How did your crowdfunding journey begin? 

I was looking to raise funds in different ways through my school like setting up physical booths and going door to door, but my lecturer helped me realise that this would require way more resources whilst crowdfunding could be ongoing for days and reaches out to people beyond our physical limitations. I looked around a couple of websites to learn how crowdfunding works and realised that it could be a viable way for me to fund my project. Crowdfunding exceeded my expectations!

What social cause are passionate about and why?

Education, because it is every child's right to be equipped with enough knowledge to make the best decisions for themselves, regardless their environmental and economical limitations.

What social cause project or campaign on Chuffed will the funds raised through the workshop support?

Funds will go to my Wing Her to School project, which you can find out more about here. I will be re-launching the campaign soon.