Start a Crowdfunding Campaign

Chuffed helps you raise money for social cause projects
  • We're for social causes

    We exist for non-profits, social enterprises, community groups, activists, politicians and individual citizens that are making the world better, that are helping others, that believe we have a responsibility to each other and to future generations. On your project won't get lost amongst tech gadgets and design projects.

  • We're for you keeping 100% of what you raise

    General charity appeals for organisations aren’t really our thing. If you’ve got a project, or can cut your organizational costs into project, then we’d love to have you.

  • We're for fee transparency

    Campaigners pay no setup, monthly or platform fees. Donors pay 2.0%-2.9% + 30c payment processing fees on top of their donation which goes to our payment processors. We let donors choose if they want to give to us by adding an optional tip to us on top of their donation - it's entirely optional and completely transparent when they donate.