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By Team

30th June '17

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Thanks for showing an interest in becoming a Community Leader. is a social benefits company and not surprisingly our campaigners are at the heart of everything we do.

Role Description

Community Leader / Crowdfunding Workshop Facilitator role in rapidly-growing, VC-funded, social-cause tech startup, changing the world.

Chuffed are seeking a team of enthusiastic and motivated campaigners to add capacity to the organizing of community events (ie. Crowdfunding Workshops) in your local area. This is a voluntary role, but proceeds from the workshops will go to support your next campaign on Chuffed, or any other cause on Chuffed that you would like to support.

Within the Community Leader role you not only have the benefit of raising funds for your cause through organizing workshops, but also a great opportunity to meet and support other campaigners in your local area and make sure they have the best possible chance of running a successful campaign on Chuffed.

Our Community Leaders are a vital part of helping more people raise the needed funds to bring their social cause projects to life, so why not check out the info below to see if it’s right for you!

LOCATIONS: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States


What you’ll be doing

The Community Leader functions as a volunteer for Chuffed. With the support of the team at Chuffed, Community Leaders organize and facilitate crowdfunding workshops in their local area. In addition with this, you will work with the team at Chuffed to come up with other ideas for how to help better support your local community. We’d provide free training and resources to help you organize your first workshop.

STATUS:  Voluntary (min. 1 day / month) with proceeds of the workshop supporting your campaign on Chuffed (or any other cause on Chuffed that you'd like to support).

DURATION: August – October 2017 (1 day / month), opportunities for ongoing involvement


1. Coordinate and facilitate at least one Chuffed Crowdfunding workshop per month in your local area for 15 participants.

2. Help promote the crowdfunding workshops in your local community and assist with finding a suited venue for the workshop.


We’re looking for people who:

  • have crowdfunding (or other relevant fundraising) experience
  • have experience running and facilitating events
  • are excited about Chuffed and what we do
  • have run a successful crowdfunding campaign on Chuffed before (*bonus)

In terms of commitment you’d need to:

  • Be willing and available to participate in training between 17-31 July (2x 1h Skype session + approx. 3h background reading)
  • Be available for 1 day/ month during August, September and October to prepare for and facilitate a 3-hour crowdfunding workshop for up to 15 participants.

This is a volunteer role, where proceeds from the workshop will go to support your project on Chuffed or any other cause on Chuffed that you would like to support (this can be anywhere from $200 - $400 per 3-hour workshop).

We provide free training and resources to help you organize your first workshop.

Who is Chuffed?

Chuffed is one of the global leading crowdfunding platforms for social causes, ranging from environmental, animal welfare and international development causes to social welfare and projects supporting refugees across the world. We're a purpose-led company that's transforming how people think about charities around the world. We're making the face of charity awesome, bringing to life exciting projects that people want to be part of.

In contrast to many other charity providers and fundraising platforms, we do not charge any commissions or fees to campaigners. This way 100% of funds raised can go to support projects. Instead, we rely wholly on the kindness of donors to cover online transaction fees and include an optional donation to support our platform. Lucky for us, turns out they do!

Since launching in October 2013, we've raised over $13M / £9M for close to 5,000 projects in 20 countries, and this is only the start.

Everyone on team deeply cares about the causes we support. We're a genuine bunch and look forward to having you on board!

To apply, please complete the online form below:


Application closes: 30 November 2017

Skype Interview dates: ongoing

Trainings:  2x 1h Skype session + some background reading (approx. 3-4h)

If have any further questions regarding this role please contact for more information.