Urgent Help for Alieu and his Family, by Manuel D'Auria

By Chuffed.org Team

8th December '17


"My name is Manuel D`Auria. I live in Germany and I am a social worker by profession. I started to work voluntarily with refugees after a great number of them came into my neighborhood here in the South of Germany about 3 years ago.

While working and spending time with the refugees I experienced a great need for (social) support on all kinds of different levels. One of the main obstacles is of course the legal status. Many have a real hard time here in Germany because they are not allowed to work or are forced to be sent back to the country where they first registered in Europe or even send to the country of origin. So I started to do whatever I was able to do and whatever what was necessary to do for those with whom I was in direct contact (e.g. dealing with lawyers, doctors, public authorities and so on).

The fact that the Western World is mainly responsible for the massive crisis we face right now (and the great suffering of an endless number of people) did fire me up to do something, no matter how little, I had to do something as I feel that human rights and social justice should be guaranteed to all without any discrimination.

Because of this campaign we were able, due to all the noble donators, to sent the family of the peron, for whom I started this campaign, some amount of money (200€). This enabled them to buy the most necessary things, like food, for at least 6-8 weeks. He has 4 children, a wife and a mother who are all depending on him. Unfortunately the money we sent is nearly finished and because he has no chance to work right now in Italy (where he is at the moment) his family is still in need for some financial support until he is able to earn his own living again (hopefully very soon).

The next step will be that he will come back to Germany to try again to make a living here and also to get proper psychological treatment for the massive mental pain he has to suffer. He already had a well paid fulltime job while he was here in Germany the last time. However, as he was not allowed to work any longer and was sent back he was not able to continue this work and therefore lost the opportunity to support his family. The company he was working for even wanted to give him an apprenticeship, wich could have opened a whole new future for him. This was not meant to be at that time. We cannot stand still waiting for things to get better, we have to get up and work for truths and rights until true human rights and social justice cover the earth like water covers the sea!"

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