Success Story: Left Voice

By Team

20th July '17

Left Voice

"We'​re a group of revolutionary socialists who all have jobs outside our political work. Some of us are also students. What we have in common is our political position on the need for socialism to put an end to economic, racial, and gender-based oppression and the destruction of the planet. Because of this, we run, write for, and edit a website, We’re really committed to this and spend a lot of our time on the project.

We all have different paths to socialism: some of us are from ​outside the US and were​ involved in th​e left​ ​before moving to the ​US;​ ​some of us​ ​have​ been active​ in various movements and groups in the US. But we all have life experiences that have shown us that capitalism is a system that requires oppression to concentrate money and resources away from regular working people. We have union organising experience that has proven that collective worker actions can improve the working conditions, salaries, and lives of all workers, and this has given us confidence that the workers have the power to change society and create a socialist system.

​Just 3 weeks ago, we saw​ PepsiCo ​workers occupy their ​factory in Argentina to fight against ​the plant's sudden closure. Though they've ​faced brutal police repression, they are continuing to fight!

If we collect $ 4,000 or more, we will be able to donate money to workers of PepsiCo and the worker-managed Zanon and MadyGraf​, ​to help them in their struggle against job losses and for the rights of the workers to democratically control their workplaces. ​This has made us all the more excited to travel to Argentina to see the work of the Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas (Socialist Worker​s'​​ ​Party) and to learn how we can bring some of these methods back to organise in our own schools and workplaces​. ​We​'​ll also share our experience with others on these methods on the Left Voice website which was launched in Ju​ne​ ​2015 and keeps growing as more workers and students contribute."

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