Success Story: Forage Supply Co

By Team

28th July '17

Forage Supply Co Founders"Just over two years ago, I became a Dive master in Utila, a little Caribbean Island located off Honduras.

Getting the opportunity to dive every day for 2 months, I got to witness the beauty of the Ocean floor through its Marine Life and amazing Coral.

However sadly I also got to witness the affects us as humans have had on the environment, through pollution and climate change.

I came back to Australia with a real passion to empower the public to make small but important changes in their everyday lives that will positively impact the environment for future generations.

Teaming up with lifelong friend Justin Westhoff together we launched a social enterprise called Forage Supply Co, who's mission is to drive awareness of sustainable lifestyle choices and demonstrate just how achievable and appealing these choices can be.

A great way of encouraging sustainable practices is through foraging for natural materials. The foraging movement represents only taking the food and material resources we need.

Forage Supply Co has teamed up with Tanunda Lutheran School in the Barossa Valley, South Australia to teach the community how to grow heather produce, eat seasonally and live sustainably.

Located next to the Tanunda Lutheran School, students will get to learn about sustainable practices and get access to healthier food at recess and lunch, through the school based community garden.
Forage Supply Co and other local restaurants will buy the produce from the school and use it to create sustainable meals. We will also use the produce to donate more meals to the homeless at the Hutt Street Centre.
Land has already been donated by Forage Supply Co and infrastructure put into place, the campaign is aiming to raise $20 to kick start the gardens with seedlings, equipment and shade.

The gardens demonstrate how accessible and delicious foraged food can be, and encourage people to introduce them to their diets, suddenly sustainable living becomes a reality."
Scott Rogasch, Forage Supply Co

Head to Forage Supply Co's campaign page to find out more about this awesome cause!