Building a Home for the Homeless in Nepal

By Team

22nd August '17

Michelle and family

I'm Michelle, a therapist for special needs children and also a photographer based in Hong Kong. Around a year ago, I started travelling around Nepal for my photography. The intention was to widen my vision with the world and document my experiences with photographs.

Unexpectedly, I fell in love with Nepal because of the people and their peaceful lifestyle. In particular, a place called Namobuddha, makes me feel so much like home, it's where I find peace and quiet amongst the chaos of the world. When I revisited Namobuddha in March 2017, I was shocked to learn how many are homeless and the stories behind them, with the help of my monk friend Paldon. To me, having a home is a fundamental need.

Rosanne Carter once said “There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home.” As a therapist, I could imagine what mental and psychological states these homeless people must have gone through and are still going through. So Paldon and I decided to build a community home for them, and when I returned to Hong Kong I would try to help as much as I could with the funding.

Crowdfunding was my immediate go-to solution as I knew whatever funding I could raise would go to building the community home for these homeless people in Namobuddha. And also this way, I could make it global and expose the story to a wider audience in hope to gain as much funding as I could. has definitely made this easy for me!"

Learn more about this great cause on Michelle's campaign page below: