Success Story: Simon's Beard for Good

By Team

17th July '17

A Beard for Good
"I’m very passionate about sustainability, by this I mean encompassing a triple-bottom-line approach to life considering the economic, social and environmental aspects of how I live my life. This is my main value and so I try wherever to minimise my impact on the planet and where possible to improve it environmentally and socially.

Beard for good was born from me deciding not to shave or cut my hair whilst I was away travelling last year. It was then that I then realised, as a former Movember participant, I could use this growth for good. Having witnessed a lot of stray animals and homelessness in South America, mainly Bolivia and Colombia, I decided I would donate money to these causes in Melbourne. Whilst I could have donated money to programs in these countries, there are issues with homelessness and stray animals on our own doorstep. After garnering some advice from colleagues, I decided to raise money for Pets Haven and Latitude.

Pets Haven - Pets Haven is not your normal every day animal shelter. We are a Pro-Life facility, we do not believe in euthanising healthy animals for economic reasons or to simply make room. Our emphasis relates to helping both human beings and our orphaned animals. We strongly believe in respecting both humans and animals. Our aim is to responsibly rehouse companion pets back into our community, where they belong.

Latitude - Latitude provides support to over 200 young people a year in Moonee Valley and Hobsons Bay, this does not include the additional 95 young people we assist to ‘purchase’ accommodation, this is providing access to crisis accommodation. Currently the list of young people actively seeking homelessness support is sitting around 139, this is only young people 16 -25yrs for the LGA’s of Moonee Valley, Maribyrnong, Hobsons Bay and Wyndham. Many young people will exist for a number of years couch surfing before making it to a homeless service.

Beard for good may be perceived as a very simple concept (or lazy fundraising) but it is an everyday reminder to me and hopefully those that support me, that homelessness and stray animals are still a part of our inner urban fabric."

Check out Simon's campaign below: