New Feature: Team Crowdfunding

By Prashan Paramanathan

8th October '14

Today we’re very pleased to announce a whole new way to crowdfund for social cause organisations. But before we do, some back story.

We firmly believe that crowdfunding is a team sport. It’s about starting with a core bunch of people who are passionate about your project (the champions), giving them something worth talking about and then making it easy for them to talk about it.

This ‘champions’ strategy was what Rob Caslick used to raised $30,000 for the Refugee Rooftop Garden and what Shanil Samarakoon used to raise $17,500 to build an Earthship Community Centre in Malawi.

And so, we wanted to create a product that recognised these ‘champions’ for their effort and supported them to raise more funds.

This is where ‘team crowdfunding’ was born.

So, how does it work?

At its simplest, team crowdfunding gives each of your champions their own crowdfunding page that’s connected with your main campaign page. The team pages can be customised by each champion and they inherit any perks from the main campaign.

Check out an example here:

Who’s team crowdfunding best for?

We think team crowdfunding’s perfect for not-for-profits and social enterprises who:

  • Are worried that they don’t have a big enough audience to launch a crowdfunding campaign
  • Want to leverage their supporters’ audiences to get noticed
  • Are keen to be innovative with their fundraising

So how do you get started? Well just shoot us an email at and we’ll give you access for your campaign.