Saving orphaned elephants by the Wilderness Forever Foundation

By Team

2nd November '17

Kush from Wilderness

''My home is in London where I enjoy working as a Cardiologist. But my heart is in the wild; amongst the savannah, mountains and forests. It is in the wilderness that I have cultured my fondest memories. Sadly, poaching, habitat destruction, climate change and human-wildlife conflict are decimating nature globally. Wilderness Forever Foundation (WFF) is the brainchild of two people's passion for the natural world funnelled towards protecting it.

Elephants are on the front-line against humanity’s tide of destruction. The ivory poaching crisis has brought the population to its knees.

The statistics are sobering:

  • Between 2002-2011- forest elephant population dropped by 62%...and counting
  • Between 2011-2013- 100,000 elephants were killed
  • Every 15 minutes- 1 elephant is killed

At this rate, we will soon step into a world where elephants only exist in zoos and books. WFF is committed to halting this decimation. We are running a half marathon on 5/11/17 to raise funds for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to support their anti-poaching work, veterinary care and orphan programme. This charity has led the way in conservation in Kenya, specifically for elephants.''

Check out more about the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust commitment to protect elephants in the wild: