Helping Claire and her family after the forest fires in Portugal

By Team

28th November '17

Our Kids Together

"Claire is a personal friend. We met while both volunteering on the Glastonbury Festival Permaculture Gardens site. I have known her for about eight years. She worked really hard to get enough money together to buy a small piece of land in Portugal, and has dedicated hundreds of hours to build a home for her and the children - now destroyed by the fires there.

The fires have hurt the whole community, and one of Claire's wishes is that they rebuild the school on her land quickly, to regain a sense of normality for the children affected by this massive loss.

I really want to help Claire get back on her feet and have something to look forward to.

Claire has already managed to get the water to her property flowing again, next steps are power supplies, tools and then rebuilding.

As soon as some basic infrastructure is in place, Claire will be able to offer space to a few people to help come and do the physical rebuild."
Tammi Dallaston

Check out and support Tammi's crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for Claire and her family at this tough time below: