Girls Torque & Kidzucate: Taking a stand against bullies!

By Team

16th October '17

Sian, Founder of Kidzucate

"I am super passionate about my sport, and do everything to encourage other women to join me in what is normally a dedicated male domain. But when I met Sian (the founder of Kidzucate) and heard what she was doing for kids who are bullied, I took a giant step back. I was truly humbled to be in the presence of one so young who was so passionate about something so important.

When I told her that I was bullied terribly at school, she, like many others,  was surprised. How could this be? I’m a race car driver, I sign autographs, I do public speaking and go on show with my race car. I’m a bright and bubbly person with what seems to be oodles of self confidence.

Girls Torque already has collectible racer cards that the kids absolutely adore, and Azelene (Sian’s mum) told me about the idea she had for a set of playing cards for the Kidzucate organisation. “Why don’t we join the ideas together, to show that just because you’re in the public eye, doesn’t mean you’re not a victim.?”

So we formed a team, with Sue Corbett (founder of Girls Torque), Azelene Williams (Kidzucate), myself (Girls Torque advocate and self employed Graphic Artist) and approached all our junior racer girls to see who would like to be an ambassador against bullies. The response was as outstanding as the motivational comments they all provided. It was so hard to choose from so many inspirational young racers. Some who themselves have horrific bully stories to tell.

With the playing cards designed and currently being printed, we aim to be delivering the first packs out to schools in early November. And hopefully with more support, we can order more to deliver more in the new year."

Learn more about this awesome cause by heading to the crowdfunding campaign page: