In support of the Shepherd family, by Shamyla

By Team

17th November '17

Shepherd family

“Just under a week ago, many passionate karate-ka's and family members, visited Melbourne to attend the annual Japanese Karate Association -SKC Australasia Seminar, organized by Keith Geyer Sensei and other Senior Instructors.

During this seminar we met the Shepherd Family; Emmanuel Shepherd, a supportive husband and father who was proudly filming the sessions and especially capturing the wonderful achievements and memories which his lovely wife and children were making as devoted karate-ka's. This trip was a special trip as his 13 year old daughter, Kalinaw, was undertaking her Black Belt exam and passed with flying colours; they were so proud of her achievements.

After a wonderful and successful trip to Melbourne, The Shepherds were returning home to Brisbane, where their lives changed forever.  Almost ready to board his plane back home,Emmanuel Shepherd tragically passed away. Never in their worst nightmares could anyone have imagined this horrific tragedy.

Sadly, nothing can be done to undo this tragedy, so we have decided raising funds would be a small way we could contribute to his lovely wife, Jasna and beautiful children, Kalinaw, 13 years old and Isabella, 10 years old."

Learn more about what you can do to support the Shepherd Family by visiting the page below: