Summoning up the kind of podcast we want to hear in this world!

By Team

5th September '17

 Kellen, Addie, Ambria, Hope. Team members not pictured: Andee, Hope, and Cindy (yes, there are two Hopes).

"Just a few short weeks ago, Ambria, one of our creators, was complaining online that there aren't a lot of political podcasts with multiple women in them. Shortly after, she had connected with several other women who wanted to join her in making the kind of podcast we all want to hear so badly.

After we organized ourselves and our ideas, we decided to launch a funding campaign. It has been wildly successful, and we hit our goal of $1,000 within 18 hours. Even more shocking, our biggest donations were $100 each, so our campaign has succeeded because a large amount of people want to invest in this podcast. All of the hosts are part of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and we were astounded by the support we received from this wonderful community.

However, we also received support from tons of wonderful people outside of the DSA. We learned something important during this campaign. Not only do women desperately want to see more women contributing to the political discourse - men do, too!
Podcasts are super popular among leftist millennials right now, and for good reason. Our news media companies have become increasingly consolidated, and podcasts offer a platform for us to have a real dialogue. There is a whole network of podcasts that allow us to build our own commentary and focus on what interests us the most as young, civically engaged people. However, finding a political podcast with a woman as a regular host is surprisingly challenging, and finding one with more than one woman is rare indeed.

We feel so lucky. This group ended up being a bunch of random women who found each other online. We are spread out between Illinois, New York, California, and South Carolina. We had no way of knowing what it would be like to work with each other. We have been so inspired by each others' dedication, hard work, intelligence, and biting humor. We are 'Season of the Bitch' and we cannot wait to share Season of the Bitch with the world!"

For more on this awesome cause, head to their crowdfunding campaign page below: