Saving Hearts, Saving Heads - Team Robbie!

By Team

17th October '17

Saving Hearts Saving Heads

"We started this project so we could help provide education safety to those in need and prevent any one else from losing a little brother or sister.  Losing a loved one is unbearable , especially at a young age. Accidents happen, but just wearing a helmet reduces head injury by 50%. Helmets help make accidents survivable and not fatal. That is the message we want to provide, and by providing a free helmet we can have these conversations.

After losing Robbie, we decided each year we would do a charitable event in his memory. Each year we would pick something Rob loved and had a passion for , so we could keep his spirit present with us. We want to honor his life by helping others and affecting positive change with bike safety. He was an amazing person who had an affinity for producing, DJing and technology; Rob was known for fixing gaming consoles in his spare time. He was constantly saying "I love you, man" and embracing life with a positive attitude. He was always laughing, smiling, making music and working towards his future. A budding entrepreneur, his life was taken at the young age of 16 before his high school graduation and potential realized. Rob's life's purpose of helping others must be continued and we want to embody that spirit with this helmet donation."

For more on these wonderful sisters who are doing wonderful things to remember their brother Robbie, visit their crowdfunding page below: