Bling Us, a queer gallery capital campaign by Pride in Art!

By Team

17th November '17

Pride in Art

''Founded in 1998 by Two-Spirit artist Robbie Hong, Pride in Art began as a volunteer-run artist collective.  It has since been incorporated as a nonprofit and registered charity. Over the past decade, Pride in Art has produced the annual multidisciplinary Queer Arts Festival, recognised as one of the top 5 of its kind worldwide!

I became involved with Pride in Art because I didn’t see a place for myself as an artist in the world, and I wanted to create that space for other artists. I have seen incredible things happen when artists come together and share visions too often silenced and pushed to the margins.

In 2018, Pride in Art will open Canada’s only queer visual art gallery and flex presentation space, where we will present exhibitions and transdisciplinary programming. In this permanent year-round space, we will be in an even better place to showcase cutting edge, fearless queer artists. Queer permanent art spaces are limited and contingent internationally, and the chance to have one in Vancouver is groundbreaking.

With our new home, the space we have been creating will now be physical, leading to more opportunities to support innovative queer art and artists. As an organization named “queer” we are not often able to rely on traditional avenues for financial support. Instead we depend on relationships built on mutual love and an understanding of the importance of the work we do and the community support that we receive. We are grateful to the McGrane Pearson Endowment Fund (held at Vancouver Foundation) and Ken Gracie and Philip Waddell who will generously match all contributions to our campaign up to $10,000.

Pride in Art incorporated in 2006; I was on the board until I was asked to become our first staff as artistic Director in 2008 and Rachel Iwaasa was the second staff member in 2010. It is incredible to see how much the organization has grown and I am proud to work with this amazing group of staff, board, volunteers, and artists at Pride in Art.

It is incredibly affirming to see the outpour of support with our Bling Us campaign. Just a week into Bling Us and we have already reached 50% of our goal!''

Learn more about Pride in Art and their inspiring work by checking out their crowdfunding campaign page below: