The Magic of Mullumbimby, brought to you by the Brunswick Valley Historical Society!

By Team

12th September '17

Brunswick Valley Historical Society Team

"In 2007, I became a member of the Brunswick Valley Historical Society Inc, which operates the Mullumbimby Museum, when I was researching the history of a local school that was about to celebrate its centenary. I was amazed at the local resources that the museum held and decided in 2009 to become more involved in the society and the running of the museum. I love volunteering at the museum as we have a great band of volunteers that enjoy working with and supporting each other.

The society’s collection had a big gap in that there was very little information, photos, memorabilia of the alternate culture which began around Mullumbimby in the early 1970s. The arrival of the Hippies changed this sleepy agricultural area forever. Hence we commissioned a local filmmaker, Sharon Shostak (who herself grew up with the Hippies), to make our first documentary Mullumbimby’s Madness – The Legacy of the Hippies which documented the arrival of the Hippies and their beginnings of settling in. From this documentary, the museum was donated a wealth of photos, interviews etc.

The overwhelming success of the first documentary encouraged us to commission Sharon to make a second, which is the subject of the crowdfunding, Mullumbimby’s Magic – The Culture of 70s - 80s. We are amazed at the scale of the task which has grown considerably from our first imaginings. To cover our selected topics more and more people have come out of the woodwork to tell their stories and share their photos. Already several important people in the movement have passed on and we are so grateful to get the stories while we can for prosperity.

The alternate culture has had a profound effect on the region and we are delighted to have it documented as we move to a changing and more technological society.

Southern Cross Credit Union, a north coast credit union, is currently running a competition for not-for-profit community organisations where they are asking the public to vote for their favourite organisation. Three groups will be granted $5000 each for their project and our documentary Mullumbimby’s Magic – The Culture of the 70s-80s can be voted for at and look for Brunswick Valley Historical Society Inc. "
Susan Tsicalas, Treasurer, BVHS inc

For more on this cool cause, check out and support their crowdfunding campaign below: