Good Bye Locks for Little Oak Sanctuary!

By Team

23rd January '18

Samantha Little Oak Sanctuary

"I am a veterinary nurse, I have been in this industry for nearly a decade! I work each day ensuring that my patients are taken care of, at the highest standard possible. I am also a vegan, so there are many facets of my life that involve the wellbeing of animals, as well as being conscious of what is important to me, and what I believe is ethically right.

It occurred to me that I have the ability to give back, and that it would be easy for me to be more active in creating awareness for the care of animals that aren't necessarily treated the same way as pets. I decided that I wanted to choose a worthy cause to pledge my time and effort to, which brought me to the Little Oak Sanctuary. I wanted to raise some money to lend a hand to this amazing place, so decided I would set a goal of $3,000, and if I managed to reach my goal, I would shave my head! This seemed like a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things, especially if I was able to make a small difference.

I am extremely passionate about this cause, as Little Oak Sanctuary prides themselves on creating awareness, promoting a cruelty-free way of living, and giving a home to those who are often forgotten in our world of mass-production and sheltered living. I want to be able to do more, to help, and to get out there and make a change.

I am now half way, both in my time frame and in my goal of raising $3,000 - This has made me that much more determined to reach my goal, and at the same time, perhaps create some awareness for this cause and for the amazing work that the Little Oak Sanctuary does."

Help Samantha help Little Oak Sanctuary by checking out her awesome crowdfunding campaign below: