Fair Agenda: Supporting pro-choice rights in Queensland!

By Chuffed.org Team

17th November '17

Fair Agenda

''Like most people, I didn’t realise abortion is still a crime in some parts of our country. Earlier this year I was horrified to learn that women in need are being turned away from Queensland hospitals, and put through degrading processes and financial distress to access the reproductive healthcare they need.

Like most people, I know women who have needed this healthcare. My friends were lucky enough to live in a big city where access wasn’t an issue. I’m horrified to think of what they would have been put through if they’d been trying to access that help in Queensland. Every day I read testimonies about the devastating impact of Queensland’s archaic abortion laws. Including the stories of women like Anna.

Anna was battling a life-threatening mental illness while homeless. Her illness and safety were being worsened by her pregnancy. As if that wasn’t enough, after mustering up the courage to seek help at her local hospital, they refused to provide her with the abortion she needed.

Right now there’s an opportunity to win change for women like Anna. Later this month Queenslanders head to the ballot box to elect their MPs. Those MPs will get to decide whether or not Queensland brings its abortion laws into the 21st century. As it stands, there aren't enough pro-choice MPs in parliament to pass the reforms which women like Anna desperately need. However, there are enough pro-choice candidates in marginal seats to tip us into a pro-choice majority at this election. That’s why Fair Agenda’s campaign to help women in Queensland regain control of their bodies is so important.

We need your help to make sure we can do everything possible in the next two weeks to win the change Queenslanders desperately need. Already with crowdfunder-support Fair Agenda has managed to get over 100 candidates to sign up to our pro-choice pledge! But now we need resources to step up the pressure on candidates who haven’t yet responded. And then we need to get this information in front of pro-choice voters before they cast their vote. Can you help?''

For more information on Fair Agenda and their campaign to make history for women in Queensland, check out their crowdfunding page below: