Corazón de los Apus ; a safe place for children.

By Team

7th January '18

Children of Corazon de los Apus

“My wife and I sensed the call to work among street children in Latin America more than 30 years ago. We first traveled to Bolivia early 1990. Bolivia was far a away the poorest country in South America and continues to be poorer than all its neighbors. When we first arrived in Bolivia no one was working with the teenagers that lived full-time on the streets and they were treated as garbage by the authorities, and society in general. There are still very few people who work with these youngsters and we continue to have the only home that is specifically for teenage street girls. Having seen the depth of poverty and the massive need among children that live full-time on and under the streets, we launched Operation Restoration in 1991.

We now reach out to over 500 children on the streets and run a reception home, two restoration homes and two reintegration homes, bringing children from the streets through to university graduation or technical qualifications.

We have had over 200 children come through our homes in the last 10 years and over 25 youngsters finish high school in the last few years. Many of them have gone on to study environmental engineering, auto-mechanics, international relations, industrial engineering, electro-mechanic engineering and more.

Because of the ever increasing numbers of children finishing up on the streets and increasing costs in Bolivia, we've run another campaign to try and raise £20,000 to cover all our end of year costs which include high school graduation (for 4 young people December 2017) Christmas and New Year celebrations.

We have an all Bolivian team working with the children and have no UK or USA costs other than costs of transfer of funds to Bolivia.

We hope that our work ensures that all our children have a safe place to go to. "

 To find out more about the children of Corazon del los Apus, visit their campaign page: