Join Akhil & Shelle as they help victims of the California wildfires

By Team

26th October '17

California wildfire

"My fiance Akhil and I live in the South Bay Area and have always loved giving back to our community, usually with our time. When we learned about the fires that have displaced thousands of families right in our back yard, we weren't sure how we could help. We have no experience fighting fires or being on the front lines in a crisis...then it occurred to us that we could raise money to buy supplies and anything else these families might need in this difficult time!

Our Church, South Bay, has been sending supplies, money and volunteers up to help those families and Akhil and I both felt very strongly that we wanted to help as well. That is why we started this fundraising page so we can help those right in our backyards and help support the people who are struggling to even find a place to sleep."

Check out how you can support Akhil and Shelle to help their community: