Bike for Life: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty for Disadvantaged Kids in Cambodia

By Team

8th September '17

Victoria & Boon from People Stories

"After decades of my corporate life, I embarked on my volunteering experiences in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia in 2017.   While I have met many beautiful people and learned about their stories along the way, I personally encountered some of the poorest families especially in Cambodia. Some of them struggle to put food on the table, let alone supporting their children for education.

Access to and completion of school remains a dilemma in Cambodia. Poverty drives many children away from school, with some children (that I know of) as young as 12 years old having to enter the labour market. I have personally seen many of them walking to school around 6am for 30mins or more and returning home under the hot sun in midday. Sadly, some don’t even have any shoes! My heart goes out to every one of them!

I wanted to do something about it! A team of my close friends voluntarily got together and are fully motivated to share the authentic life moments of these everyday people with love and compassion through the art of photography and storytelling. Hence the establishment of PeopleStories ( However, that wasn’t enough and we wanted to do more!

We are hoping Bike for Life crowdfunding campaign will enable us to deliver 93 bikes to a specific primary school in the rural area of Siem Reap. These bikes will not only give the disadvantaged children the mobility needed, but change their lives as they become more educated."

For more on this awesome cause and to support it, check out Victoria and PeopleStories' crowdfunding campaign: