Christopher is crowdfunding to bring smiles to Asylum Seeker children this Christmas!

By Team

15th December '17

Christopher Stenton

"After a phenomenal effort two years ago where we provided 800 Asylum Seeker children with toys, I have decided to get the band back together (some 220 dedicated supporters!) and see how many smiles we can bring this year to Asylum Seeker children in need.

You all know that Asylum Seekers are vulnerable, and commonly experiencing isolation and financial hardship. Most of you know that this includes young children and families. What this project aims to do is to put smiles on the faces of Asylum Seeker children and families by providing them with a gift this Christmas. Such generosity will not only brighten a child's day, but it will help to shine a light on Australia's truly generous nature, show Asylum Seekers that many Australians do empathise with them, in the face of negative media that seeks to spread division and an 'us' vs 'them' mentality. This will help to provide a sense of community and break feelings of isolation.

Ok, for some quick background... I have previously worked with, volunteered for, protested for, written University papers on and supported Asylum Seekers, both in and out of detention now for nigh on twelve years. This has been completed across a large number of organisations and roles and has provided me with amazing insight into the complex issue that is people seeking asylum, as well as granting me such a huge privilege in being able to support such people and help them to find their feet and place within our community.

Witnessing first hand the level of hardship Asylum Seeker children endure in their family's efforts to make it to Australia I decided this year to create a toy drive, seeking to provide as many Asylum Seeker children as possible a gift this Christmas time. The smallest gift or donation will greatly aid this project to help as many children as possible. Every single cent donated through my crowdfunding will be used for purchasing toys and gifts for Asylum Seeker children."

This is what Christmas is all about! For more on this important cause, check out Christopher's crowdfunding campaign below: