Asante Children, bringing water to disabled children in Kenya!

By Team

15th December '17

Daphne and Wamboi

"I was born, raised and educated in Kenya and for the past 20 years I have lived in Australia.

On a recent trip back to Kenya, to visit friends and family, I met Eric. He was 13 years old and he is the grandson of a very dear friend.  I was devastated to find that he had been paralysed for a few years, he was extremely depressed, had no walking aids or wheelchair and was desperate to go to school. Eric had been a healthy, growing boy when he suffered a bout of severe dysentery.  Eric’s family are extremely poor and they live far from any medical services. They were simply unable to afford the treatment for him, and this left him with muscular dystrophy.  Eric will not walk again, but I wanted to ensure that he, and children like him, get the opportunity to be their best. Eric is now attending school, 2 hours from home, and therefore boards nearby, along with 30 other physically handicapped children.

The boarding block has previously not had water and it has been carried in buckets from a well on a neighbour’s property. Following consultation with the boarding block coordinator, Hannah Njeri, a plan was put into place to dig a well so that water could be pumped to a new tank next to the boarding block.  This will provide running water to the washrooms, kitchen and laundry.  This work is now in progress by paid contractors.

I have raised funds in the past amongst friends and family, through the sale of Kenyan made keyrings. With these funds I now fund a full time physiotherapist at the boarding block.  The physiotherapist also assists with nutrition advice and in training the carers who support the children.

The need for a constant water supply is urgent and necessary. This is why I chose a crowdfunding platform. The wider base of donors available through crowdfunding will hopefully ensure that I can raise the necessary money to complete the water project.

I have been absolutely excited with the response that I have received.  One donor alone has made a substantial donation and that donation has been a major motivation to succeed in reaching our target.

When the children return to school in early January their lives will be transformed and the carers’ work made easier, thereby giving them more time to devote to the health and care of the children!"
Isobel Daphne Bellingeri, Asante Children Inc

For more on this awesome cause, check out Asante Children Inc's crowdfunding campaign page below: