Advocating for Chinese Orphans with Disabilities by Katy & Dustin

By Team

5th February '18

Katy & Dustin

"In 2012 I travelled just outside of Beijing to Shepherds Field Children’s Village (SFCV), an orphanage for about 100 kids with disabilities, for a 3 week trip with a team of therapists.

At the time, I was still in undergrad with goals to pursue occupational therapy. After connecting with the children and aiyis (nannies) at SFCV I had one of those life-changing moments that spoke to the core of who I am. This is the place where my skills and a deep need intersect. I was determined to come back in the future with a degree and some experience to provide a greater service for a longer amount of time. I worked to finish 2 degrees and obtain a couple of years of experience in paediatric occupational therapy. Along the way, I met and fell in love with Dustin, a dreamy computer nerd. Very early in our relationship, I disclosed to Dustin that I was indeed moving to China someday. He was fully supportive of my dream and continued to cheer me on through grad school.

Fast forward several years, we are married now and have both been in our fields for a couple years soaking up as much information as possible. We are partnering for a year (maybe more) with Shepherd's Field Children's Village. I will be providing occupational therapy and Dustin will be managing all things IT (information technology) related. We will live on site and volunteer full time to help continue the impacting work SFCV does. SFCV focuses on the medical and therapy needs of special needs orphans. The campus has a medical clinic, therapy center, school, an inn for visitors, an office, and a vocational center.

We are self-funding our travel and living expenses. All of the money we raise through our crowdfunding campaign on Chuffed will go towards buying essential therapy and IT equipment like wheelchairs, feeding chairs, sensory items, and hardware/software."

Learn more about this inspiring cause by checking out Katy's crowdfunding campaign page below: