Empowering at-risk children in Honduras by supporting education and preventative healthcare, by educate

By Chuffed.org Team

17th November '17

Educate: promoting education and health care in Honduras 
''In 2014/15 Antonia and I worked as volunteers teaching English in Honduras, which eventually led us to starting 'educate': an organisation that supports education in this small Central American country. We had both worked in rural villages in different parts of the country. I had taught English in 9 public schools and volunteered at an orphanage, whilst Antonia, in the orphanage where she worked, had been given full responsibility for the education of several groups of children of varying ages, some with severe disabilities and/or learning needs.

The experiences we gained throughout this year shaped us greatly. When we returned to Europe and both started university in the Netherlands, we realized we didn't wanted to lose the connections we had with these communities. Where we felt a responsibility to continue supporting education in Honduras. During long in-depth conversations about our time there, we always came to the conclusion that positive, sustainable and long-term change must stem from education. Consequently, we decided to base our NGO around a scholarship programme. We wanted to give motivated students the opportunity to attend school, or even university, whereby they would obtain vastly improved future prospects in the form of not only knowledge acquisition, but also job and career paths.

After asking our friends Jocelyn, Marit and Judith to join our team, and spending many hours writing a constitution, business plan and discussing plans with teachers and acquaintances in Honduras, 'educate' became
an officially registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) in March 2017!

Since then we have:
  • Awarded our first scholarship to the incredibly driven and talented Stephanie Chevez! Stephanie is the daughter of two Honduran farmers but aspires to become a doctor. As the family has to make a living from selling cheese and milk from the 8 cows they own, they were unable to financially support Stephanie with her university studies. With educate.’s scholarship she is now on her way to becoming the first person in her family to go to university, and fulfilling her dream.
  • Transferred our first installment to support the creation of a small animal therapy farm for children who have suffered severe traumas at the
    El Hogar Orphanage (the orphanage where I worked in 2014).
    They have just bought two donkeys - a mother and her baby- and built a donkey shelter on the orphanage premises!

We have many other projects brewing, but to realise these future dreams we have to work hard to organise fundraising initiatives of various forms. On November 5th I raised $1250 by running half a marathon in Australia, but this represents just a small milestone on our fundraising track and we will continue to use Chuffed to raise awareness for our cause!''

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