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What is YSPN?

The Young Sikh Professionals Network is the largest professional network targeted at young Sikh Professionals in the world. Founded in 2012, the purpose of YSPN has been to engender a sense of belief within the Sikh, broader Indian diaspora and increasingly within other ethnic minorities that they can achieve exceptional career success in Australia.

YSPN takes the responsibility of shaping the future of the first generation of Australian Sikhs with a great degree of privilege in line with our mission to create the conditions for Young Sikh Professionals to succeed and amplify their influence.

We deliver on this through marquee events to inspire young Sikh professionals, career workshops focussed on skills development, a mentoring program to create intergenerational personal connections, produce value content to promote a positive and productive image of Sikhs in Australia and advocate to establish stronger networks and ties amongst the broader community.

YSPN has had incredible success in the past five years, having delivered over 50 events, impacting 2,000+ people, in five established chapters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland, amongst a host of other achievements.

What are we doing with this opportunity?

We want to build a platform that creates the conditions for young Sikh Professionals to succeed and amplify their influence.

We promise to:

  1. Elevate our members professional capabilities to deliver experiences that help develop the skills they need to succeed in their chosen profession.
  2. Actively contribute and shape the national debate We are well underway to developing our first content piece to where we have a unique point of view on an important topic
  3. Build advocacy in the global Sikh and Australian professional community; We look to establish partnerships with other organisations that enable us to engage Sikh and non-Sikh leaders at the top of their game

In 2018 we have some important priorities based on member feedback:

  • We will refine our events and digitise the experience to focus on the needs of our members
  • We will deepen our non-event offerings as we enhance our capabilities in mentoring and content publication
  • We want to become a truly global network and build on the early success of our first international chapter

How can you help?

None of what we have achieved to date would be possible without the support of our sponsors, partners and donors.

However, to elevate this organisation and deliver what our community needs, we need your help to: build profound and valuable experiences, create amazing content that reflects our intellectual capability, and improve how our community engages with and contributes to the broader society.

In short, we need your help to create the conditions for young Sikh professionals to succeed and amplify their influence. With your help we aim to continue hosting high calibre global speakers at YSPN events across Australia and New Zealand. For 2017 this has included:

What do you get for your contribution?

“Having missed the opportunity to receive Angad’s advice verbally, he took out the time to personally email me with feedback regarding my CV. I took all his suggestions on board and circulated the updated CV, after which I was successful in receiving many interview calls. The YSPN event really helped in shaping the direction my career is headed in a positive way” - Monisha Bhogal, Graduate

With your contribution, you are helping us create success stories like this and many others; impacting and inspiring young professionals nationally.

In addition to each donation being tax deductible (Australian donations only), we have organised a list of exciting perks for individuals and institutions to express our gratitude.

Join us and help pave the way for The Next Step!

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Team Members

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