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Help us to find, inspire and develop Britains future creative genius'

Photo: Workshop with Accumulate

The UK academic system doesn't always work for everyone, often leaving our most creative young people behind whether that's due to learning difficulities, social backgrounds or different learning styles.

At a time when young people's communities are constantly being undercut, at the Museum of Youth Culture we run radical education workshops with a curriculum focussed on the virtues of self expression and creativity. Our teaching method engages our archive of British social history to connect and inspire young people. Our workshops promote diversity of thought, encouraging those who fit outside the box to step up and express themseslves.

Our workshops run from our archive studio at the renowned Printworks music & arts venue in Southwark, as well as in schools, colleges, museums, libraries, and festivals nationwide.

Making a big impact in society is our mission, and collaboration is key. We work with leading youth homeless charities, pupil referral units and dyslexia organisations, and our staff have all received high quality training in safeguarding and disability awareness.

Our Education programme

Photo: YOUTH CLUB screenprinting workshop.

Within our existing youth workshop space in Canada Water, we host:

  • Regular term time talks
  • Weekly creative workshops for young people e.g.:  zine making; screenprinting; photography; darkroom printing; spoken word; art; content management; curation; editorial; heritage;
  • Quarterly exhibitions showcasing the work of our 
  • Youth mentorship and portfolio reviews

We are developing a new education offering for launch;

  • Online lectures, talks, live streams and MOOCs
  • An education community for ideas exchange and team building
  • A complete subculture syllabus, with endorsed qualifications
  • Research resources for creative studies and inspiration
  • A dedicated full time specialist teaching space

Donations will help us make these things happen and with each donation, a new young person is equipped with the skills they need for their personal, social, educational and career development.  Often bringing them into an engaged and motivated mindset for finding a new and positive direction.

Challenging negative perceptions of British youth

Photo: Event with Normski and B-Better, Camden Stables

Dedicated to tapping into the breadth of creativity often unrecognised within today's youth, our work sheds light on the positivity of young people today, challenging media perceptions and social injustice.

Through our workshops, classes, one on one support and mentoring, we provide an alternative outlet for British young people.

How can I help?

Photo: Youth engagement at the Barbican

July 2019 marks the launch of the online Museum of Youth Culture including a free public curriculum, and there are three ways that you can help us reach out further than ever before.

  • Our work is reliant on the generosity of people, brands and organisations who support us. Any donation helps our vital work.
  • Volunteers keep the Museum of Youth Culture ticking, if you can offer any time whether an hour or a month, we'd love to hear from you.
  • We need you to spread the word. Sharing our cause through social media and word of mouth is a vital need in our mission to change the lives of young people.
One participant said repeatedly "I absolutely love this". It was the first time this participant had engaged in a creative workshop through the hostel and became a pivot point in her own self development.  Marice Cumber - Founder, Accumulate, a charity dedicated to empowering young homeless people through photography.

Become a Museum Patron

Everyone needs good friends, and at this vital stage the Museum the Museum of Youth Culture needs your help along the way. We offer an exciting opportunity for fellow lovers of youth culture to make history together.

Launching an exclusive and introductory patronage opportunity, donate £75 fon Chuffed today, for a limited time, to benefit from:

  • Limited Edition Merch Package including a t-shirt, badges, patches, photo postcards, and a limited edition 30x40cm C-Type print.
  • VIP Early Access Pass to all of our exhibitons, talks and events with the chance to meet photographers and like minded members.
  • Members only intimate pop-up talks with iconic photographers and key youth culture pioneers.
  • Members only club nights, annual events for Museum of Youth Culture supporters including drinks 
  • Unlimited access to our archive both physically in London and online
  • Invitations to industry events
  • 20% discount on all of our products both online and in our pop-up shops
  • Acknowledgement on the online Museum of Youth Culture indefinitely as a key contributor to our mission.

About Museum of Youth Culture

YOUTH CLUB Archive believes in the power of youth culture as a positive force in Youth and Community development, harnessing the power of self-expression, creativity, innovation and identity, to bring generations and cultures together. Youth culture is a powerful force in strengthening young people’s positive experiences, feelings of belonging and identity, relationships and helping build bridges between different cultures, generations and identities. British youth culture has grown to become one of the the highest grossing creative industries globally.

Join us to put youth culture to work for the next generation.

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