Your one single kind gesture can change my life for good.


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A Refugee

There are arduous moments of negligence and intentionally being overlooked, not only that mishap, there are so many hardships related to the life of a refugee

You know, it’s kind of, there comes time, in fact so many moments that an inner disappointment calls on you to put a full stop to your life after seeing unfairness, injustice and you find out that the market of discrimination is so well developed that it really let one down in the context of expecting related authorities for the fair resettlement process.

A refugee must be strong and determined to stick to his resilience and commitment while beholding a lot happening in front of him. Sometimes it’s immigration fuss and mostly resettlement issues. There are so much to complain about but I believe that a refugee must make his mind to face up all these challenges come his way.

Hi there – my name is Javed Najafi. I am from Afghanistan and I am a UNHCR declared refugee currently based in Makassar, Indonesia. It has been six years since I fled my country due to security reasons and for the last six years, I proudly say that I have never wasted my time – in fact, I have taken a new direction in my life which is Photography. I was introduced to courses related to Photography through the assistance of UNHCR’s effort. The mentioned organization offered us free online courses on COURSERA which has multiple online courses available. Since my participation, I have completed and bagged the following courses along with relevant certificates.

My achievements:

1: Camera Control

2: Camera, Exposure and Photography

3: Photography, Techniques, Light, Content, and Sharing

4: Principles of Photo Composition and Digital Image, Post – Production

5: photography Capstone Project

6: photography Basics and Beyond from Smartphone to DSLR.

Presently I shoot pictures through NIKON D3400/KIT LENS 18/55mm which belongs to a friend of mine. I do not possess my own camera because I do not have the price for it as we refugees are not permitted to work and earn here. I believe it is time to have my own camera through your kind, generous and art-loving peoples’ support. I believe and have confidence in people to step up and donate as much as they can. It is about my passion, my dream, and my aspiration. I hope you will consider contributing to make a dream come true for a refugee who craves to be a professional photographer. the camera I am going to buy is.

Fujifilm xt20 double kit
Lens 35mm F1.4

if you wanna know more about my photography skill the link I will share below.

My Untold Story Blog:

Email: [email protected]

Your one single kind gesture can change my life for good.

Note: as I mention above that refugees are not permitted to work and earn or have a bank account when you see different name while donating for me, so don't worry the bank account that I connect to this campaign is my friend and I know him personally at the end of this campaign the money will direct sent to me and I will share the details soon thanks for your support and kind.

For more details contact, please


My heartfelt gratitude to my instructors who made me what I am today.

Mr. Peter Glendinning, professor of arts and photography. MFA, Syracuse University, and Mark Sullivan, Associate professor of Composition. DMA, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

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