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UPDATE: We cut our crowdfunding target in half to just € 3,300 as BOSAQ has generously offered to donate the other half IF we reach this new target. Help us get there!

A little bit of context

At Young Water Solutions we help committed young people (18-30 years old) pilot and launch innovative social businesses that tackle water, sanitation and hygiene issues in their communities. We call them ''Young Water Fellows'', and they receive training, mentorship and funding through our Young Water Fellowship programme. With €6,600 these entrepreneurs can benefit over 4000 people with handwashing & hygiene kits and protective wear in Indonesia, Colombia, Burundi and Uganda.

This campaign responds to two challenges that we have all been seeing around us over recent weeks. Firstly, there is the fundamental challenge of restricting the spread of Covid-19 in all communities by practising safe hygiene, including the simple task of keeping our hands clean. As the virus spreads in developing countries, there is a need to support vulnerable communities that do not have access to handwashing and protective wear. Secondly, as many communities emerge from the lockdown, small, new, youth-led businesses are fighting to stay operational as revenue has nosedived given the recent lack of activity.

What can WASH entrepreneurs do?

Our Young Water Fellows find themselves at the intersection of these challenges. For this campaign we are looking to support four of them whose businesses have been affected by the pandemic, to recommence operations with a new focus on tackling the spread of Covid-19. Your donation will not only enable them to keep operating during this difficult time but also empower them to provide essential services to communities with limited support in the battle against Covid-19.

Here’s what they will do with your support

€6,600 will allow over 4,000 people improve their access to hygiene and protective wear in 4 countries

Jennifer Colpas, Colombia

Jennifer is an expert in community hygiene and sanitation. Her organisation, Tierra Grata, provides energy, sanitation and hygiene to rural communities in Colombia. She is now proposing to increase access to handwashing and hygiene education in rural schools and families, that are kept out of the current efforts to tackle Covid-19. For every €155 she receives, Jeni will be able to provide one rural school with a handwashing facility, soap, a WASH workshop, and teaching materials. With your help, she plans to reach 10 communities, improving access to hygiene for approximately 500 people.

Nuha Anfaresi, Indonesia

Nuha is the founder of Aikite, and is already working as a community service volunteer in Bangka, Indonesia, educating the local population about the importance of sanitation and hygiene in fighting the spread of Covid-19. With your support she will now further help prevent the spread of the virus by installing Tongs—water containers that can serve as handwashing stations—in public places including markets, mosques and meeting halls in two villages. She will also provide soap and information to raise awareness about the need for good handwashing. For every €147 she receives, Nuha will be able to provide a village with 10 handwashing stations. Her goal for this crowdfunding campaign is to improve public hygiene for 300 people by installing 30 handwashing stations in two villages.

Christopher Sunday, Uganda

Christopher is the co-founder of Eco-Toilet Initiative Uganda, a social business that builds public toilets in highly concentrated urban areas with no access to sanitation. To tackle the spread of Covid-19, he will manufacture liquid soap and masks that he can then donate to market workers in Fort Portal. He will coordinate with the local government task force to ensure effective distribution. His goal is to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in marketplaces by providing masks and soap to over 1000 workers in two markets. Every € 31 he receives will enable Christopher to manufacture and distribute 30L of soap and 20 face masks.

Baseka Saidi, Burundi

Saidi’s social business, UJEAD/AKEZA, trains local people with disabilities to manufacture affordable soap for distribution in rural communities in Burundi. With your help, Saidi and his team will be able to donate their soap and hand sanitizer to locations where there is a high risk of Covid-19 transmission. His goal is to improve access to hygiene for 2,250 people provide 3 schools, 3 centres for people living with disabilities and 3 bus stations with a hygiene kit including 250 bars of soap and 10 hand sanitisers. For every €216 he receives, Saidi’s business will be able to provide one public space with a full hygiene kit.

We will make sure to keep you updated about their work and the impact your contribution is having.

Helping these entrepreneurs financially will allow them to keep developing their projects and contribute to the management of Covid-19 in those countries with low resources and with scarce sanitation and hygiene services. Contribute to the cause and help us empower more young leaders and entrepreneurs to launch their social businesses in their communities. Would you like to help us?

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