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By SayYesMore

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The YesBus is our dream...

We're creating a place which brings out the best in people. An incubation chamber for magic. A safe haven. A collaborative working environment and a community hub with an edge.

The YesBus will be based in the green hills of Sussex on the outskirts of London, offering a delicious fusion of co-working space and countryside escape. Yoga studio, cinema, speaking venue, kitchen, cafe, adventure library and a well-designed outdoors space that will take you right back to childhood holidays. Table tennis, anyone?

We've been converting the bus for a year and now we've shown that we mean business we're crowdfunding to cover the full conversion costs, prepare the land around the YesBus and launch the project strongly in the second half of 2017.

An artist's vision of the YesBus site. By Matt Austin

The YesBus will be a modern tech hub, using an off grid mix of solar and wind energy to power the entire site and show off just how effective off grid power can be when used well.

We’re creating the perfect multifunctional programme, just as 'at home' when introducing inner-city school kids to the countryside as it is as a base for start-up founders and team building for forward-thinking companies.

Fully kitted out with high speed wi-fi, projector systems and bluetooth surround sound, the bus will be a haven for doing good work but sometimes we’ll just switch it all off and create a digital detox den - just the ticket for a weekend of quiet relaxation away from the busyness and stress of the city.

We believe in the inspirational power of taking a familiar concept and turning it into something new. An out-of-the-box decision is inspiring in itself and spending time inside a unique, creative space helps us come up with innovative, exciting ideas.

The YesBus is also a perfect example of what you can achieve by being smart with space-saving furniture in a limited environment. A surprise around every corner, every feature of the bus will have at least two purposes - it really has to earn the right to be there!

Our Mission

We are SayYesMore, a social enterprise that nudges people towards finding out what they’re really capable of.

Our global community, the YesTribe, began in June 2015 with a single invite on Facebook to go camping for one night, and from those first 19 people we’ve grown to a family of over 4000, held two life-changing Yestivals and organised over 100 other events which have inspired, motivated and broken down limitations.

And we’re only just getting started.

We are founded on the basic principles of opening doors, opportunities and friendships by saying YES, spending time with positive, supportive, like-minded people, and getting outside as often as we can.

There is no political, religious or ideological motive to this project. We just want to create a better world than we find ourselves in, make the most of our time and be around people who motivate us. Simples.

Why we’re crowdfunding

Since buying the bus in Spring 2016 we’ve been laying the groundwork, flattening out floors, running wires, insulating walls and designing every little detail with the finished product in mind. We’ve also sourced a wonderful land partner at Brinsbury campus in Sussex so the YesBus has a home for the next few years.

This isn’t a pipe dream; it’s reality. £48,000 will not only help cover the cost of converting a regular bus into a space that will do endless good for our community, but it’ll enable us to prepare the land and create it's new home.

Here's an idea of how your money will help us.

Your donations will be rewarded with unique perks, many of which will see you joining us at the bus - this is your space to enjoy too!

£25 - The Best Hug Ever: Exclusive YesBus Membership

£35 - Clear Blue Skies: YesBus Co-Working Credit

£60 - The Golden Eagle: Yestival VIP Upgrade Ticket

£100 - Footprints in the Sand: Leave your mark on the Founders Staircase

£220 - The Adventure Gateway: VIP Weekend Yestival Ticket

£450 - Hire of the YesBus for Your Event

£500 - The Wolf Pack: BETA Testing Team Building Day at the YesBus

£1500 - Smell the Roses: Sponsor and Name a Compost Loo

The destination is...

... not important. It's the journey that matters and this engine is running! This idea is becoming a reality, thank you for bringing it to life.

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Team Members

Emma Taylor

Alex Moyes

Amanda Bond

Andy Bartlett

Charlie Frith

Chris Barnes

Dave Cornthwaite

Sergio Castro

Vicky Cable