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Where are we now?

We are now up against the unprecedented threat of climate and ecological emergency.

Since October 2018, Extinction Rebellion has grown to over 1100 groups in over 60 countries. Through XR’s bold and creative activism, ordinary people are sending a clear message to governments around the world: they must tell the truth about the climate and ecological crisis and take urgent action.

Now, COVID-19 brings immense challenges, posing urgent health, safety, and livelihood concerns while destabilizing fundamental ways of life. As a movement rooted in love, XR groups are meeting the challenges facing our communities with compassion, creativity, and mutual aid.

Meanwhile, the emergence of this new crisis has not stopped the ongoing climate and ecological emergency—far from it. Governments are looking at plans to bail out climate-destroying industries and the banks that fund them. Systems around the globe are rebuilding and realigning. In these times of change, it is more crucial than ever that XR can flourish and demand a more just, livable world.

Help us become even stronger

We have an opportunity to change the course of history, and this is only possible with your support. This international crowdfunder, managed by XR Global Support, will provide continued support to groups all over the world. While other crowdfunders like the UK Crowdfunder funds XR groups in the UK, this global crowdfunder is for transparent support of the 1100 (and growing!) XR national, regional and local groups in dozens of countries across the globe.

Global Support provides the global network of XR groups with resources, training, media communications, tech infrastructure, and funding. Without Global Support, the astronomical growth and sustained resilience of the XR network would be impossible to achieve.

Understandably, we live in uncertain times. But if you can, please consider a gift of regular giving so we can plan ahead in the coming months.

Where will the money go?

This money will be transparently dedicated to Global Support's work in facilitating the global XR movement. Funding will also go to XR groups around the world in seed grants, supporting them to become self sustaining.

We've shifted the narrative on the climate and ecological crisis, tens of thousands joined on the streets to push government to take bold action, and even more rebels worked behind the scenes to grow the movement and build the needed support systems. It takes a lot to build something of this magnitude. Help us do even more to rise up for our children, our children's children, and future generations of all life.

As XR groups around the world rise up to meet the challenges posed by COVID-19 and adapt to new ways of working, your support is essential. If you can, please consider giving to sustain the movement during this critical juncture. This may be our last chance.


Love & Rage

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