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We Are All XR

XR NYC played a vital role in October's International Rebellion. From Wall Street to Columbia University we swarmed the streets with our loud and loving New York attitude.

And we didn't ask for permission. XRNYC exists to do what needs doing. We simply get after it. We're continuing to bring our message of climate and ecological breakdown to every neighborhood and every street.

Our existence relies on the generosity of our donors. Please help ensure that we continue to organize imaginative actions and spread the movement across the boroughs and throughout the tri-state region while keeping true to our values.

We need your support!

Yes, please. Make a donation today, and for that matter set up a monthly contribution, because we're in this until we win it.

Here’s what we'll do with your donation:

XR NYC is an all-volunteer effort, making a huge impact on a tiny budget. (Imagine what we could accomplish with more resources?) It takes a lot to build a movement, to create actions, to do outreach, to train new members, and to support our nearly 20 neighborhood groups, each building movements of their own. Your contribution will be put directly to good use!

Extinction Rebellion's core vision is equally important: the regenerative culture at the heart of all we do. Donations support our physical needs, and they also help us emphasize inclusion, care, respect, and love as we carry out our work. The joy and warmth we express during actions, our emphasis on nurturing each other and the planet we aim to protect, these are values worth supporting every bit as much as any of the practical items we need.

Anything else?

If you arrived here by chance and need to learn more about Extinction Rebellion, go ahead and make a donation of course, then visit https://www.xrebellion.nyc/

You can also find out more and keep updated at Facebook Instagram Twitter and YouTube


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