The World's Biggest Networking Event

By Misty Henkel

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The World's Biggest Networking Event?

It's a Guinness World Record attempt to break the current world record for:

The Most Amount of People Attending a Business Speed Networking Event in a Single Location

2. Where and when is the event?

Date: Friday 30 August

Time: 5:30pm

Place: Canberra

Venue: To be decided

3. What is the current world record?

The current world record is 1,068 people

4. Who holds the current world record and for how long?

Belguim has held the current world record for the past 5 years. A number of other countries have tried to beat it, including a group in Canada just last year, however they missed it by 169 people.

5. How many people is Canberra looking to get to this event?

2000 people. We are not looking to beat the record, but smash it!

4. What are the funds/price of the tickets going to?

The money from the ticket sales is going towards the event and includes venue hire, Guinness World Record adjuticator, advertising and catering.

5. Will any funds be going towards charity?

No. There is not an expectation that there will be extra funds. Canberra has many, many charity and not for profit organisations, with approximately 38% of the population being a volunteer. The purpose behind this event is to network, which means to promote yourself to other people, learn about other people, businesses, organisations and Canberra's community, grow your contacts, grow your exposure into the marketplace and often, which is the case with Speed Networking pick up some new clients along the way.

6. What do I get for the money I spend to buy a ticket?

The question really, is "What do I want to get for the money I spend on a ticket?"

Even in this digital world, networking and learning to network is still the key skill for career progression, customer engagement, advertising and marketing, growing your business contacts, job opportunities, business emprovement, getting new ideas, making friends, and raising funds.

7. Why Networking?

Becasue profits are better than wages. Wages will give you a living but profits will give you a fortune. And Networking will give you profits. While digital communication guarantees that you can reach more people, it doesn't guarantee that have reached any people. While networking, face-to-face communication and learning how to self promote absolutely guarantees you have reached people. The bigger the event, the more opportunity you have. Fantastic for students, particularly uni students as in the bigining, this is the best way to get noticed especially if you want a job at the end of your degree.

8. Who should come?

Business owners, staff, volunteers, retirees, people who are passionate about what they are involved in, those who want a profit, dog lovers, rotarians, networkers, students, toastmasters, celebrants, Canberra's quilting community, fun people who want to be a part of breaking a world record, stay at home parents so that they can see the vastness of opportunity waiting for their children and anyone else who wants work, more work, customers, career progression, new ideas, to increase their contact list. You just never know who will be in that room and the opportunity that came out of it.

9. What do I need to do?

Time is ticking. We need you to buy your ticket now and spread the word. This campaign will finish on Friday 14 June and tickets will go from two tickets for $50 to $35 each through Trybooking.

10. What if my question hasn't been answered?

Then send it in so it can be answered.

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