Words for Life - access to books and music

By Rachel Ward

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Getting Creative = Positive Wellbeing

Creative expression through words and music benefits our mental wellbeing.

Creative writing - whether reading and writing prose, poetry, or lyrics for music - offers opportunities for self-expression, sharing and healing experiences, and engagement with others, as well as improving literacy and overall confidence.

Taking part in making music, singing and particularly performing in public, can support prison inmates’ self esteem and their perceived wellbeing.

Local Nottingham Support Needed

Many individuals who are prisoners, homeless or staying in temporary accomodation have challenges with mental health - with very limited resources for them to access creative writing or take part in music creation and performance.

We Want to Raise £3000

To provide books at Framework hostels and HMP Nottingham.

In particular we want to provide 100 copies of two books which provide real-life content which is honest, relatable and encouraging for those struggling with life.

- 'His Words, My Pen' is a collection of poems written by Stuart Hardy-Taylor, which recount his journey from addiction to recovery

- 'Unlocked!' is a collection of poems, art work and short reflections created by prisoners at HMP Nottingham

To support access to creative arts/music at Emmanuel House

Weekly arts and music sessions at Emmanuel House always need funds for art and craft materials, and for artists/musicians to run sessions.

Funds will be split three-ways between HMP Nottingham, Framework and Emmanuel House.

Note: We will need to pay the debit/credit card fees (2-3%) out of your donation. No other fees.

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