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What's going on?

Things are changing so fast, but one thing we know for sure is that our beloved artists and presenters, independent producers and promoters, are have lost their income, almost overnight.

How can we help?

The majority of most artists Woodfordia works with make most of their income from live performance. In the current state of play, there's not too much 'playing' going on. There are lots of ideas for keeping our community together - this is ours.

Every week, Tuesday to Sunday, we're directing you to live streaming concerts via the Woodford Facebook page. All proceeds will go to artists and independent producers.

We have a strong social media community and a real life community who love to support each other. While we're all in the same boat, but can't be in the same place, we're doing our best to think of how we can be of service.

Six days a week, via Woodford Folk Festival's Facebook page, we'll announce an artist who will livestream a 30 minute concert from their own Facebook page.

We know most folks - not just artists - are reeling and feeling the impact of what's happening right now. It's a 'pay what you can' virtual ticket price (donation), but you can also, of course watch for free.

100% of donations for that week's shows (6 artists) are evenly split between the artists featured.

Woodfordia is not making any income from this project - we just want to share what we have: the very best of communities.

We won't be able to do things perfectly due to bands not necessarily living in the same houses during 'iso', but we'll be focusing first on the artists we had confirmed for The Planting and Festival of Small Halls as well as old friends who will help us raise the profile of this project.

People have often said they'd like it to be Woodford all year 'round - perhaps this is how we can come close. This project will hopefully allow the artists you know to receive income, directly, quickly.

You can join us

We would like to raise at least $500 per night for each artist - but of course we'd love to exceed it that.

Please pay what you can to see these magnificent folk do what they do best, in the moment - or, if you're pinched, just enjoy the show. Every dollar helps.

Support the people who support the people

By supporting the music community, you'll be supporting the people who so often step forward to offer their services free of charge to support other communities. It's a safe bet that any income these folks receive is going to be shared within their broader community.

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