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Street vendors in New York have a tough job. Being a women makes it tougher. 

As many as 20,000 people make a living as street vendors in New York City, the vast majority immigrants. But because there are not enough permits for vendors, many of us have to operate informally. Women vendors in particular face a difficult choice of forgoing an income for our families or risking heavy fines and police harrassment. 

We are the Women Vendors Committee -- part of the New York Street Vendor Project -- and we are creating an alternative for women vendors. Special markets (like flea markets and community events) allow unpermitted vendors to operate by simply renting table space. This is a great opportunity for women to sell regularly and securely.

And, with a little start-up cash, we can create a self-sustaining cooperative. Women vendors will contribute a percentage of our profits back to the Committee to pay for our participation at the next market, and the next market, and the next market. 

Support us to kick-start this initiative, by helping us rent a space at Harlem Day on 19th August! 

  • With $450, we will have enough for one tent (6 vendors)
  • With $600, we have enough for advertising and branding
  • With $950, we will have enough for two tents (12 vendors) 

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