Women's March 2.0

By Anchorage Women's March

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A little bit of context

This month we are marking a year since the Women's March. Last year we stood with millions around the world, marking our resolve and solidarity. It was the largest single organized event the world has ever known. There is a reason. Our cause is righteous.

Now, we plan to join and stand together again. We are still here. We are still the majority, and we continue to fight. So here we are, Anchorage Women's March, 2018.

We are a coalition of strong freedom fighters. We are feminists, we are pro-LGTBQI, and we are people of color; we stand against the war economy, and we stand for our environment. We are no longer fighting fear, we have seen the effects of this regime. We are fighting against real threats to our freedoms and liberties as Americans. Our constitution, laws, freedoms, environment, sisters, and brothers are suffering under the current disastrous leadership.

We in Anchorage host the most diverse communities in the entire United States. We do not want to live in fear, We want to live in strength and action.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

It is not yet illegal to gather. It is not yet illegal to march.

We, the people of Anchorage, plan to march in solidarity with people in Washington DC, and all across the country, from the tip of Florida to the Bering Straight. We are standing together to show that we are the majority. Our feet are on the ground. Our eyes are open. We are still standing together.

We see where we are, where we have been, and where we have yet to go to reach the freedoms we were promised. We will not be made to fear each other or step on others rights. We stand for all people, no matter their gender, religion, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. We truly believe in liberty and justice for all.

We have our direction; forward, not back, by empowering ourselves, and the next generation.

How you can help.

Please help us raise funds to cover the costs of this march.

We are hoping to raise $8500. Please see the break down below.

We know there are many people who have not even heard of our event. People who want to act, but do not know how. We need you to share this event with your friends electronically. We want you to talk about it when you go to church. We want you to talk about it at lunch, with your classmates, or with your bowling buddies.

When you share our event and our funding campaign, there will be more opportunity to fundraise.

Required by law

  • Permits 1000 *Required by law
  • Traffic Control - 1000 *Required by law
  • Police/APD 3000 *Required by law
  • Liability Insurance *Required by Law 350


  • We really need a stage now so that the speakers can be higher than the crowd and seen by the people assembled.
    • Quoted at $700.
  • Sound System
    • Quoted at $1,000
  • Inside Venue
    • $600
  • Printing Costs
    • $500
  • ADA Compliant Port-a Cans x 2
    • $350


Jeanna Duryee

Anchorage Women's March.

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Team Members

Jeanna Duryee

Rashika Rakibullah