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• Industry-wide implementation of the Free The Bid pledge, offering women the chance to compete fairly.

• Maintenance of our website: to continue to grow our database of women director’s reels from all over the Australia; providing exciting editorial content, interviews and videos, and a one-stop-shop for all things related to women directors in advertising and film.

• Free The Bid events - screenings, panels & workshops to build and strengthen our community of women directors.

• Grow our newsletter and educational programs for agencies seeking to familiarize themselves with more women directors.

• Create synergy between brands and agencies who are interested in supporting our mission.

• Familiarize production companies with new women directors who are looking to be signed, since most production companies only have one or two women on their entire roster.

• Create mentorship opportunities for directors of various socio-economic backgrounds, nurturing under-served and intersectional talent bases.

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