Winter Packs for the Rough Sleepers of Manchester

By Minty and Morty

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There's a big problem

The number of rough sleepers in Greater Manchester has quadrupled since 2010, and has risen by 41% in the last year alone.

Four in ten of these people are sleeping rough here in the City of Manchester, and Winter is especially tough, with temperatures regularly dropping below freezing.

Although there are charities doing great work and initiatives put in place to help combat this issue, resources are still thin on the ground. We want to do our bit to reach out to fellow humans in a less fortunate position than us.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We know that there are certain things that all rough sleepers could use more of: warm clothing, waterproofs, sanitary products, portable food items, and crucially, a sense of belonging in the community.

We are putting together Winter survival packs to hand out in person to rough sleepers around Manchester over the Christmas period and early 2018. They contain items such as hats, gloves, socks, water, a torch, an umbrella, homemade vegan food, puzzle books, and sanitary items such as tissues, wipes and a toothbrush.

Due to the scarcity of food available, rough sleepers often have little or no say on whether they consume animal products, and this is an ethical aspect of community outreach that is not often considered. We feel that there is no need for animals to suffer in order to alleviate the suffering of humans, and that there is a lack of vegan homeless outreach.

You can join us

With careful planning and savvy buying, each pack costs us around £5 to put together. We would love it if you could donate just £5 to directly impact the life of a fellow human this Winter, and we invite you to include a personal message for us to write out and include in your pack. It's fine if you don't want to; we can write a general message of support and solidarity if you prefer. We want to make sure that the people we reach out to feel that somebody cares about them, and that they aren't invisible to other people.

Thank you for supporting us!

We will post regular updates and photos of the packs, both in construction phase and in their delivery. We look forward to having meaningful interactions with those benefitting from this campaign and conveying to them how much people like you care.

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