Wind power for the electrification of rural Tanzania

By Wind Power for Tanzania - EWB

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Up to 75% of Tanzania has no access to electricity. The percentage increases to more than 95% in the rural areas.

Living without access to power has many negative impacts. Economic and educational activities are limited, preventing the development of the local communities. The evening dark hours can be extremely unsafe and dangerous, especially for the women and children. Apart from the social and economic impacts, the lack of electricity has significant health and environmental impacts due to the use of firewood, kerosene lamps and candles for cooking and lighting.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

The main objective of the project is to provide electricity to the Angai Secondary School at Liwale district, in Lindi region of Tanzania. The school has built two dormitories for its female students, which, however, have no electricity yet. That is extremely unsafe during evening hours.

Our project wants to give electricity supply by installing, in summer 2018, a small-scale capacity hybrid system based on renewable energy sources. The system will be composed of a simple, easy to maintain wind turbine, solar panels and storage array, which together create a reliable and long-lasting energy supply.

The project is driven by Engineers without borders at KTH, Sweden (Ingenjörer utan gränser). The present scope of Wind power for Tanzania is based on the first edition of the program which successfully implemented a hybrid energy system in Wembere village in July 2017.

Our mission is to pave the way for a sustainable future in developing countries as well as disseminating knowledge to local communities, motivating their participation in similar projects and stimulating awareness in the field of renewable resources.

You can join us

The total amount needed for the implementation phase in Tanzania is approximately 70.000SEK. This amount will be used for the purchase of all the materials required for the wind turbine and the solar panels installation.

For people from all over the world: this amount correspond to more or less 7200€ or 8900 USD (10SEK=1.02€ =1.27USD).

As a wish from all members of our organization, we are calling for your help to achieve a small step towards a promising future within the battle against absence of essential resources in developing countries such as Tanzania, as well as boosting the implementation of more projects of such kind. Even a small financial help can have a significant impact towards a more sustainable future.

For further information please follow our Facebook and Instagram page: ‘EWB KTH -Wind power for Tanzania ’ or send us an email at [email protected]

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