Help Float The Boat: Win a Whale (trip)!

By Great Barrier Reef Legacy

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Win a swim-with-whales trip for 2!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated. We're on our way! Still plenty of tickets left so please tell your friends!!!

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By choosing the $50 perk, you and a friend go in the running to win a 6-day expedition swimming with whales on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) valued at $8,500 AUD!

Swimming with minke whales is world famous for being one of the best wildlife experiences on Earth. And don’t worry - you don’t need to be a scuba diver to take part in this extraordinary adventure. With only 850 tickets available, the odds are in your favour. Want more chances? Buy more tickets!

Get your tickets!


You decide. We have 2 spots available on a special documentary filming expedition July 11-17 from Cairns, Australia, this year (highly recommended!). The boss won't let you play with whales that soon? No probs. You can come on one of our trips in June or July next year! It's up to you ;)


Our reefs are under serious threat and the time to act is now.

GBR Legacy is a non-profit organisation and all money raised goes to our "Help Float The Boat" campaign so we can operate an independent research vessel. This vessel will give access to the GBR for professional and citizen scientists, students, partner organisations and you, the public.

For us, it's all about saving coral reefs worldwide and we have a plan! In essence, it's science for solutions!

YOU can HELP save the Reef!

We want to raise $5 million AUD so we can operate the GBR's only independent research vessel for the next three years.

This campaign is our first step. $20,000 or more will help fund our flagship expedition planned for September 2017 to collect essential data on the state of the reef and deliver it directly from the scientists to you.

Most of our team will be on board this trip, including Dr Dean Miller (filmed minkes whales for the latest Attenborough documentary) and John Rumney, Australia Day Citizen of the Year Award winner for his lifetime contributions to the conservation of the GBR!

How it works

You will be emailed a receipt upon donation, and GBR Legacy will email you a numbered ticket shortly before the draw. The winner will be drawn live on Facebook/ReefLegacy. If you win we also notify you by email.

If 35% of tickets have been sold by the end of this campaign on June 15, the draw will take place on June 17, 2017. Otherwise, the raffle will extend and all entrants will be notified of the new draw date so you can join us on an expedition in 2018.

So tell all your friends and get cracking!

Please donate or buy a ticket, like and share our campaign and hopefully, we will see you and the whales in the water with us in July! Thanks for helping us save our reefs!

Get your tickets!

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Team Members

John Rumney

Dr Dean Miller