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Railway Crossing Removals in Williamstown

We all think the crossing removal program is great. Less congestion, safer environment.

But there’s a catch

The Williamstown Crossing Group (WCG) has come to realise it is not that simple.

We believe removing the crossing will make it easier for more traffic from other suburbs to drive through Williamstown.

Adding in the Westgate Tunnel Project, which will introduce truck bans on many other roads, there will be more trucks and larger trucks on Kororoit Creek Rd and Ferguson St.

AND there is also the possibility of an ugly SKYRAIL splitting our community and overshadowing homes, and the kindergarten and the multiple sclerosis centre on Power St.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

As a group, we have been studying the precinct since May 2017 and have assessed over 10 possible options in detail.
We think that there are only two options to keep the precinct liveable for community and residents:.
1) Pedestrian underpass, improving the existing crossing
2) Rail under road, with measures to control truck traffic
All alternatives (rail over, road over, road under) would visually affect the whole precinct and negatively impact local residents and businesses.

Please check out our website to learn more:


You can help us

We need $5,000 to produce material to inform our community of what may happen to Williamstown and all the work we are doing to preserve our beautiful and liveable suburb.

What’s in it for you that you can’t live without

  • A safer Williamstown Community
  • Preserving the area's heritage, including historical buildings like:
    • The Owens Buildings
    • The Rifle Club Hotel
    • The North Williamstown Railway Station
    • The Bristol Hotel
  • Preventing more trucks from driving through
    • Kororoit Creek Road
    • Melbourne Road
    • North Road
    • Douglas Parade

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Team Members

Ian Hocking

Lorenzo De Falco