Changing Lives for Zoo Animals Around the World

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** UPDATE - Thanks to your support we’ve raised more than 25% of our target. This will help us improve lives for captive wild animals in 2017 **

Improving Animal Welfare In Zoos

The exact number of zoo exhibits around the world is unknown. While some of them follow the good welfare standards held by zoological associations, many thousands fall outside any welfare remit. The result: suffering for many thousands of wild animals.

The Challenge of improving captive wild animal welfare is vast. The absence of veterinary care, unsuitable enclosures, inappropriate visitor contact and performances, are just some of the circumstances that result in animal suffering.

Why Don't We Just Close Zoos Down?

Legislative and cultural differences often make it very hard to close poor zoos down. There will be nowhere for animals to go, resulting in animals languishing in facilities with no income to care for them. Instead, working with these collections acts as a platform for national and regional long-term change in animal welfare and on broader-based issues as well.

What Have We Done So Far?

Since 2013, Wild Welfare has worked with more than 45 zoos and captive facilities, improving animal welfare on the ground and challenging practices responsible for poor captive wild animal welfare. From providing expert teams to conduct welfare and husbandry training in some of the most critically poor zoos, to working with national legislators, we aim to get to the core of the issue and make tangible changes that will improve animals' lives.

Why Are We Different?

We work with the accredited zoo community, zoo associations and 'modern' zoos, providing appropriate expertise, resources and support to non-accredited and sub-standard zoos.

Working with facilities to improve their animal welfare, we are transforming the global zoo welfare landscape.

We want to make a real and lasting difference for animals in zoos. We want animal welfare to be the priority for all captive facilities around the world.

"Our projects focus on making change happen. We work collaboratively with the very people who have the power to make a positive difference to animals' lives, building relationships that enable us to get to the heart of the problem and provide expert support in a practical way."

Changing Lives - these baby orangutans were moved from tiny, barren cages to larger more natural enclosures following our work with the zoo


Why Donate?

From the largest mammals such as elephants and tigers, to the smallest lizards and snakes, all animals in zoos deserve the highest standard of care. Our small, expert team needs to expand so we can help more animals in captivity. With your support we can.

With £10,000 we can continue making zoo animal welfare a priority. Every donation will enable us to improve welfare within the captive animal industry.

How Will My Donation help?

Wild Welfare works to improve animal welfare in captive facilities. Your donation will help to:

Expose and Advise on zoo animal welfare concerns- We ensure issues are highlighted and animal welfare improvements prioritised.

Educate and Train zoo staff- By providing compassionate training we can promote positive animal care practices and veterinary treatment.

Strengthen Legal Protection for Captive Wild Animals- Our work with governments and national authorities enables us to provide welfare guidance, and challenge laws that do not protect animal welfare.

Provide Welfare Resources- We provide enrichment portfolios and welfare resources that less developed zoos can use to improve their practices- making a positive difference to animals' lives.

Inspire Change Wild Welfare empowers zoos and their staff to help develop welfare capacity and make changes that improve wild animal welfare.

By Donating You have the Chance to Win one of These 3 Amazing Prizes!

Prize 1: All-expenses-paid, two-week voluntary Zoo Assistant position, with APE Malaysia in Malaysian zoos!

This role gives you the chance to work with the experienced Ape Malaysia team, helping to develop a dedicated environmental enrichment programme. You will work alongside zookeepers in Malaysian zoos, raising the quality of animal enrichment and zoo protocol standards. Total prize value is £1,900. For more information about this exciting opportunity take a look at the APE Malaysia Website.

Prize 2: Beautiful leopard drawing by UK Wildlife Artist, Stephen Rew

Become the owner of this stunning leopard drawing, painted by renowned UK Wildlife Artist, Stephen Rew and with a value of more than £500. Stephen is a British artist based in London, who has kindly donated this fantastic piece in support of Wild Welfare's work.

Prize 3: A VIP Family Ticket to the UK's Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

Take a family of four to visit the north of England's impressive Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Worth £100 per person, see what this brilliant experience entails by reading more on Yorkshire Wildlife Park Experiences. (Please note: this prize only includes the VIP ticket and does not include any travel expenses incurred getting to the park).

Your support allows us to raise the issue of sub-standard zoos within the global zoo and animal welfare community, uniting resources, providing assessments and communicating on captive animal welfare issues, to really make a difference for animals in captivity.



Prize Raffle Terms & Conditions:

1. Every donation to the Wild Welfare Chuffed campaign goes into a raffle draw for the three prizes listed above.

2. The raffle will be conducted by Moko Creative Pty Ltd, a fundraising partner of Wild Welfare, based in Melbourne, Australia, and as such will follow the relevant rules and regulations pertaining to raffles in the state of Victoria, Australia.

3. Raffle winners will be drawn by random chance from a raffle draw container with all the names of donors to this Chuffed campaign on the 25th February 2017. The random draw will be captured on video and winners to be notified by email. Raffle draw results will also be posted on Wild Welfare's website and Wild Welfare's Facebook page.

4. Donors must provide their full name and valid email address to qualify for the raffle draw.

5. Conduct of the raffle:

a) each individual donor's name (and relevant email address) are printed on to a raffle slip which is then folded and placed into a raffle draw container with other raffle slips.

b) the raffle slips are thoroughly mixed through so that each slip has a random chance of being drawn

c) the first name drawn wins Prize 1: All-expenses-paid, two-week voluntary Zoo Assistant position for one person, with APE Malaysia. Volunteer must be at least 18 years old. Volunteering dates subject to availability of APE Malaysia's schedule.

  • Access to English-speaking project coordinator;
  • 13 nights at designated accommodation;
  • All activities, materials, tools & equipment included in “Project Days”;
  • Meet & greet at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)/(KLIA2)/Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Subang (SZB), Malaysia;
  • Arrival transfer from airport to city centre accommodation;
  • Transfer from city centre accommodation to project site;
  • Induction & orientation at zoo;
  • Departure transfer from project site to airport, Malaysia;
  • Accommodation is shared throughout project;
  • Meal allowance & selected meals for all Project Days as indicated on itinerary / self-catering with basic cooking facilities provided.(transfers, meals and accommodation when travelling independently or on Off Days, insurance, personal incidentals and any item not stated in the list above are not included).
  • The winner will receive in addition a £750 flight voucher and £250 visa and travel money for additional expenses.
  • It is the winner's responsibility to arrange flight(s), relevant visa(s) and volunteering dates with APE Malaysia. Prize does not include travel insurance.
  • Prize must be redeemed with APE Malaysia within 6 months of winner being drawn (from 25th Feb 2017)

d) the second name drawn wins Prize 2: Beautiful leopard drawing by UK Wildlife Artist, Stephen Rew (prize will be securely mailed to the winner).

e) the third name drawn wins Prize 3: A VIP Family Ticket to the UK's Yorkshire Wildlife Park (ticket entitles four people to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park for a VIP experience. Subject to terms and conditions of Yorkshire Wildlife Park Experiences. Please note: this prize only includes the VIP ticket and does not include any travel expenses incurred getting to the park).

6. All raffle prizes are transferable to other individuals, but any costs in transferring the prizes to different names (if applicable) are to be covered by the winner(s) requiring the transfer(s).

7. The same donor can make multiple donations. Each individual donation by the donor is entered into the raffle draw with a separate random chance of winning all the prizes.

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