Whomp Against Cancer

By Garage Handplanes (Oxon Pty Ltd ATF Mullet Creek Investments Trust Trading As Garage Handplanes)

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Whomp Against Cancer

Cancer is a horrible illness and with a friend very recently losing her mum to cancer, it seemed like a good idea to use the positive vibes of Whomp Camp to help kick cancer's ass. We are holding a raffle to raise money for cancer research with all proceeds going to Cancer Council Australia (Event Number 56906).


For $10 per ticket you will be in the running to win a share of $3,500 worth of epic bodysurfing gear, including:

Prize Pack 1: DaFiN Pack from DaFiN Australia worth $360

WINNER: Steve Haynes

  • 1 x Enjoy* 'FunGy' Handplane
  • 1 x Pair DaFiN Pro Fins
  • 1 x Set of Fin Savers

Prize Pack 2: Riva Halo Whomp Pack from Garage Handplanes worth $340

WINNER: Pete White

  • 1 x Riva Halo Handplane with strap and wrist leash
  • 1 x GHP Spanner Fin
  • 1 x Garage Black Cap
  • 1 x Barrel Monster Raglan T-Shirt
  • Garage Stickers

Prize Pack 3: Mabo Handplane from Mabo Handplanes worth $340

WINNER: Paul Ivec

  • 1 x Mabo Handplane with handstrap

Prize Pack 4: Tom Marr World Champ Signature Pack from Garage Handplanes worth $325

WINNER: Karen Ruscoe

  • 1 x Barrel Monster Flax Handplane with strap and wrist leash
  • 1 x GHP Spanner Fin
  • 1 x Garage Black Cap
  • 1 x Fro-Thing Raglan T-Shirt
  • Garage Stickers

Prize Pack 5: Captain Kookman Swag Pack from Slyde Handboards worth $290

WINNER: Jack Norton

  • 1 x Slyde Handboards Bula with Slyde Pro Adjustable Wrist Leash
  • 1 x Slyde T-Shirt
  • 1 x Slyde Hat

Prize Pack 6: Westside Handplane from Westside Boards valued at $190

WINNER: Sam Weiss

  • 1 x Little Rincon Handplane with I Heart Bodysurfing artwork by Jonas Draws

Prize Pack 7: Glissando Handplane from Glissando Outdoors worth $170

WINNER: Vic Ivec

  • 1 x Total Eclipse Handplane with artwork by Rose Magin

Prize Pack 8: WAW Handplane Pack from WAW Handplanes valued at $170

WINNER: Karen Ruscoe

  • 1 x WAW Signature Series Handplane
  • 1 x 100% Organic White WAW T-Shirt

Prize Pack 9: Gift Voucher from The Surf Collective valued at $150

WINNER: Rob McKenna

  • 1 x $150 Gift Voucher for the Surf Collective

Prize Pack 10: 'The Gem' Handplane from Hansson Handplanes worth $145

WINNER; Courtney Booth

  • 1 x The Gem, at 300mm x 200mm, with a simple to use velcro adjustable hand strap.

Prize Pack 11: Moontail Handplane from Sole Handplanes worth $130

WINNER: Will Solly

  • 1 x Red Moontail Handplane with wrist tether

Prize Pack 12: Deckhand Bodysurfing Pack from Deckhand Bodysurfing valued at $90

WINNER: Todd Supertramp

  • 1 x Deckhand Bodysurfing Handplane

Prize Pack 13: Born with Gills Apparel from Born With Gills valued at $80

WINNER: Karen Ruscoe

  • 1 x BWG 'Whomp' T-Shirt
  • 1 x BWG Trucker Cap

Prize Pack 14: Belly Apparel from Belly worth $70

WINNER: Zoe Moffat

  • 1 x I Heart Bodysurfing T-Shirt
  • 1 x Belly embroidered snapback cap

Prize Pack 15-16: SurfEars Single Set from SurfEars worth $65 each

WINNERS: James Kerr & Pete White

  • 2 x SurfEars 2.0 Single Sets (1 set per prize)

Prize Pack 17: Wooden Anchor DIY Handboard Kit from Wooden Anchor worth $50

WINNER: Lyn Livingstone

  • 1 x DIY Handboard Kit

Prize Pack 18-22: Large Beach Towel Set from Dock and Bay valued at $144

WINNERS: Dave Mifsud, Karen Ruscoe, Janet Dunn, Cale Watson, Dave Archer

  • 5 x XL (200 x 90 cm) Microfibre Beach & Travel Cabana Style Towel valued at $40 each (1 towel per prize)

Prize Pack 23-24: SurfMud Packs from SurfMud worth $80

WINNERS: Dan Warrington and Simon Bell

  • 1 x tin of SurfMud
  • 1 x SurfMud Cap
  • Stickers

Prize Packs 25-30: Mini Bords from DMC Swim worth $180

WINNERS: Alexandra Pinkham, Russel Pollard, Alex Iping, Dan Warrington, Vic Ivec and Steve (sdogg9000)

  • 6 x DMC Mini BOrD valued at $30 each (1 board per prize)

The Draw

The winners will be drawn at Whomp Camp on Sunday the 19th of June at 11 am from the wet-suit bucket, old school style. Winners will be notified by email and announced on whompcamp.com.


If you would like to donate a prize to the raffle, please comment below and we will be in touch.

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David Archer

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